Approximately 57,000 fans took free trains to Kazan and back

From June 13 to July 10 of the 2018, about 57,000 passengers took free trains to Kazan and back. This Host City welcomed 4 group stage matches and 2 playoff matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Fans from 122 different countries traveled to the capital of Tatarstan on free trains.

There were 108 free trains allotted for transporting fans and FIFA-accredited mass media reporters to Kazan and back. From this Host City, 60 trains departed to Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Samara, Saint Petersburg, Saransk and Moscow with intermediate stops in Saratov, Vladimir and Tver. 48 trains arrived to Kazan from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara and Saransk with intermediate stops in Tver, Moscow and Vladimir. Also, 12 additional trains, which were on the route between Moscow and Yekaterinburg, made a stop at Kazan-2. The first train from Kazan, which headed to Moscow for the opening match, departed on June 13 at 6.11 p.m., and the last one, to the semifinal match of the championship in Moscow, departed on July 9 at 6.11 p.m.

84 employees of the “Transport Directorate-2018” worked at 2 railway stations of Kazan, which were involved in the free transportation of fans. Our employees helped passengers around the clock, helping issue train tickets and advise on all matters about free travel. Over 2,000 people have sought consultations with the “Transport Directorate-2018” throughout the World Cup. 650 of them received tickets at the last minute before departure.

Fans from Russia, Japan, Germany, and Mauritius, as well as by numerous fans of the teams whose football games took place in the Host City: France, Austria, Iran, Spain, Poland, Colombia, Korea, Germany and Argentina visited Kazan. The famous Carlos Pascual Tula, Argentina’s oldest supporter, was one of the visitors. Employees of the “Transport Directorate-2018” recently helped him and his friend to obtain a free train ticket from Saint Petersburg to Kazan. He has not missed a single match of his favourite team (Argentina) since 1974, and continued his tradition by attending the match in Kazan.

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