Approximately 15,000 fans traveled on the free trains of the 2018 FIFA World Cup to the matches in Kaliningrad

Between June 14 and 30, around 15,000 fans and 70 FIFA-accredited media representatives took the free train route to Kaliningrad — one of the Host Cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia — and back. After hosting 4 matches, the city has now said goodbye to the World Cup. The World Cup’s last match in Kaliningrad, between the teams of England and Belgium, took place on June 28, and afterwards, 4 free trains took the fans to the next destination in Moscow. The very last train from Kaliningrad arrived at Moscow Belorussky Station at 3.30 p.m. on June 30.
In total, there were 32 high-comfort trains with compartment cars designated for transporting fans and 70 FIFA-accredited media representatives to the Host City. The facilities included a restaurant car and ease-of-access features for people with special mobility needs. The latter were used by 40 passengers and their caregivers throughout the trains’ run.  
Getting to Kaliningrad posed a unique challenge, in that trains bound there from Moscow and back again have to pass through the Republics of Belarus and Lithuania. As the Governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus have signed a special agreement covering access to international sports events for foreign citizens and people with no citizenship, foreign fans that have come to Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018 have been granted the right to cross over into Belarus with no extra documents apart from their Fan ID. This made traveling to Kaliningrad by free train much easier. The trains to Kaliningrad have carried passengers from 94 countries from around the globe. Among those passengers, were fans from Russia, Australia, Thailand, and many other nations, in particular those, whose teams played in Kaliningrad, i.e. Croatia and Nigeria, Serbia and Switzerland, Spain and Morocco, and England and Belgium.
43 employees of the “Transport Directorate-2018” maintained a 24/7 presence at the Kaliningrad Yuzhny railway station, helping fans to get free train tickets and providing consultations on all matters related to free trains. Over 7,500 people have sought consultations with the Directorate throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. 4,000 of them received tickets at the last minute before train departure. 

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