Volgograd airport opens new terminal

In attendance at the grand opening were Governor of Volgograd Region Andrey Bocharov, Acting Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maksim Sokolov, Acting Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Yurchik, and Roman Trotsenko, co-owner of the Novaport holding company (which owns Volgograd airport).

Mr. Bocharov remarked that the updated airport will serve as a major transport hub for the south of Russia, and includes air and rail services. For instance, the airport features a railway platform serving the 1.2 km line to the city. In addition, bus services are being planned for the regional center.

The terminal was operating in a trial regime at the beginning of the week. The third stage of the airport’s reconstruction will commence after the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It will entail the construction of jet bridges and the conversion of Terminal A into a rail and bus station.

According to Mr. Sokolov, the overall financing for the reconstruction of the terminal is 6 billion rubles, 2 billion of which comes from Novaport investments.

Further reconstruction

Volgograd Region authorities plan to continue the reconstruction of the airport. In particular, there are plans to build another terminal.

“The goal we’ve set ourselves is to create a modern transport and logistics complex in the region, which includes our new airport. There is already a railway station here, and there will be bus services in the future. We can already see that passenger traffic is set to increase. I believe that soon, a decision will be made regarding the construction of another complex within the airport. It will consist of 7,000 sq. m, there will be four jet bridges and more facilities to increase passenger traffic,” remarked Mr. Bocharov after the opening of the new terminal.

About the airport

Large-scale reconstruction of Volgograd airport began in 2014, including preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With the assistance of federal funds, a new 2,800-meter long and 45-meter wide runway was constructed, and weather equipment was installed to help with airplane arrivals and departures in difficult weather conditions. Further development of the airport ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup involved the launch of an aeroexpress service, the reconstruction of the airport’s railway station, and the construction of 20 aircraft stands. Passenger turnover in 2018 is planned to meet the FIFA requirement of 1,450 people an hour.

Volgograd international airport served 1 million passengers in 2017. It was the highest level of passenger traffic since 1991. Given the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches (four group stage matches will take place in Volgograd), passenger traffic is expected to increase by 13–15%, totaling 1.13–1.15 million people.

The first ever World Cup to be held in Russia will take place in June–July 2018 in 11 cities across the country. During the group stage of the tournament, Volgograd Arena will host England vs. Tunisia (June 18), Nigeria vs. Iceland (June 22), Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt (June 25), and Poland vs. Japan (June 28).

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