Training has begun for temporary staff to assist fans of the 2018 FIFA World Cup at railway stations

Preparations have begun for temporary staff of ANO “Transport Directorate-2018” for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. 960 employees are training to coordinate and provide adequate information support to fans of the championship in 19 main and 2 intermediate railway stations in host cities. Training is to be conducted in both online and offline formats in all 11 cities involved in the World Cup.

The course of the program was developed by “Transport Directorate-2018”, and takes into account such major international events as the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan. Many of the trainees have experience working at these competitions, and they will be working at railway stations in host cities throughout the World Cup.

“Training of temporary staff is scheduled to finish at the beginning of June, and on the 12th they’ll be put to work in railway stations in the 11 host cities. There they’ll coordinate and give information to fans of the World Cup on questions regarding free transportation.” reported General Director of ANO “Transport Directorate-2018”, Kirill Polyakov.

In total, over 1,440 applications were received. That’s 1.4 people per position. Employees are 18 and over. Knowledge of a foreign language (English, French, German, or Spanish) was a requirement.

The employees are now undergoing mandatory training. Their training will help them develop special skills and abilities. They’ll get acquainted with the work schedule, city transport infrastructure, city sports venues and foreign cultures. The training is in an interactive format; trainees are put in the kind of situations they’ll encounter in their real work.

“The role-plays can come in different forms. Suppose a fan comes to the station at rush hour and asks the staff member how to get from the station to the fan zone. To teach them to cope when there are large groups of people, candidates undergo training exercises in a “question/answer” format in different languages”. noted Managing Director of Operational Arrangements in ANO “Transport Directorate-2018”, Pavel Privalov, who is overseeing the work with temporary staff.

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