New road junction has been built in Saransk

New road junction has been built in Saransk

September 09, 2016, Saransk - A new road junction has been constructed on the way to the airport in Saransk. New transport hub consists of overhead and ring roads.

A new multi-level interchange has been commissioned in Saransk at the intersection of Krasnaya Street and Sevastopolskaya Street. This transport hub constructed
for 2018 FIFA World Cup will provide convenient access to the airport and Mordovia Arena stadium.

The interchange includes ring road on the first level and overhead road on the second one.

 “Completion of road interchange at the intersection of Krasnaya and Sevastopolskaya Streets – is a high day not only for WC 2018 fans and visitors, but also for citizens of Saransk”, - Terentii Meshcheriakov, CEO of Transport Dircetorate-2018 pointed. “The venues, indeed, had been constructed for the purpose of hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup. Nevertheless, new infrastructure will contribute to the region economy. Venue commissioning will accelerate movement of goods, will reduce transportation costs and finally it will increase transport competitiveness of the region”.

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